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High-Compression-Baling-Form-Fill-Seal Packaging & Automatic Palletizing Systems

Let Creative Packaging Inc. custom design an automatic, high-compression baling & form-fill-seal system for your animal beddings (wood shavings, sawdusts & papers), lawn 'n garden (peat moss, bark mulches & potting soils), hydro-mulches, and insulation products, or hay & straw-processing systems!

CREATIVE PACKAGING offers  state-of-the-art, automatic, custom-designed, compression baling & form-fill-seal equipment that affords the highest compression (up to 10:1); highest speed (250+bales per hour); and safest-to-operate (C.E. Certified), with reduced packaging costs, for products, such as wood shavings produced by Suncoast Bedding, U.S., (shown at right); or the Arthur Bowers, England (bottom left), compost/peat/bark, produced on the unique Willems-Techniek systems.