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High-Compression-Baling-Form-Fill-Seal Packaging & Automatic Palletizing Systems

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Bale Stacking/Pallet Wrapping Systems

For ease of stacking, storage and shipping, and to minimize chance of operator injuries, consider either an automatic palletizing, or robotic stacking & pallet-wrapping, or stretch-hooding system!


Generally, either a low-level, automatic palletizer, (photo below) or a robotic stacker (above), with automatic pallet dispenser, is suitable for 2-4 cubic-foot bales, affording some 10-15 bales/minute speed, without any labor requirements.



Either turn-table pallet stretch wrapper (below, left) or  a full pallet stretch hooder (below, right)  can be used to unitize and protect baled products for storage and shipment.



For your baled product packaging needs (balers, product infeed systems, bale closing, stacking and wrapping), contact Creative Packaging Inc.

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