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!Asking About Venice, Italy

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Venice, formerly the "Serenissima Republic" (undisturbed city), reportedly dating back to 421 A.D.,and according to Bernardo Giustiniani in 1423, founded on the day of the "Feast of Annunciation" (March 25), is a delightful city, to say the least. The resting place of the remains of the Christian follower of Jesus Christ, and author of the New Testament "Gospel of Mark" - actually Venetian merchants stole his body 828 A.D.- in the Basilica of San Marco,it's a familiar tourist site with several million people coming here from all over the continent every year.

Frederich Nietsche once said: "When I seek a synonym for music, the only word that invariably springs to mind is Venice." And, Venice is  the home of many Renaissance artists, such as Vittore Carpaccio, Tommaso Rangone and Jacopo Tintoretto; Renaissance architects like Mauro Codussi; and especially the renown classical composer, Antonio Vivaldi, and one of my favorites, Tomaso Albinoni, whose "Adagio for Organ and Strings in G Minor", existentially takes me back to Venice!

Venice was also the subject of Shakespeare's recognition of the "colleganza" international venture-capital, trading industry featured in his "Merchant of Venice'; even an "Indiana Jones" and "James Bond" movie series was filmed here.

I snapped the somewhat peaceful photo below just outside the famous Venetian Arsenale, where her once powerful shipbuilding industry was housed, which in the 16th century produced 50 galleys per month, prompting Italian poet, Dante, to compare the arsenale caulkers' fires to Hell in his "Inferno".


"Handicap Parking" No. 14

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