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!Asking About Venice, Italy

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Venice is a lagoon city,  built upon an "underground forest"( piles driven into the marsh below), somewhat like the Hollywood movie, "Waterworld", yet with much more class. It's intersected by some 117 canals and rii (smaller canals), with over 400 bridges, and numerous campi , calli, campielli, and sottoporteghi (portocoes) and 200+ churches, 90 bell towers (five of these leaning), and all were created by hand.

However, just to show that Venice is not all canals and buildings,this lovely arbor scene (below) near the Venice Pavilion on the Canale Di San Marco, offers a restful spot for visitors and Venitians alike! Mondays are fruits and vegetables day, and Tuesdays fish day at the "farmers' market", canal side(bottom photos).

A sunrise; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Venice,Not all Water, No. 07


Venice - Market Day No. 019


Venice Market, No. 5