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!Travel Photos Ireland, South Africa & Canada -3

It's only a short hop from Northwestern England to Ireland, and while there are just as many lovely sites in this small country, most of the scenes in this album were taken in Western Ireland, and then I've filled the remainder of this album with scenes from Capetown, South Africa and Canada. Don't forget to check the other albums!

Westport is a lovely town on the western coast of Ireland, and while wife was shopping for local merchandise, I roamed about looking for interesting scenes and saw this pub waiting on a fresh delivery for a favorite Irish beer.

As you continue through my family album, showing a few landscapes from Ireland, and a few other spots,I trust you will let me know if you find something that you would like for me to have enlarged and sent to you. At the end of the last page, click on "Contact" and let me know the picture name and number and send me a message about your preferences.

A tree in autumn; Actual size=240 pixels wide

The Clock Tavern, No.002