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When Considering Packaging Mulch , Compost, & Crumb Rubber, Check the Following:

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Packers of decorative barks, mulches, re-cycled pallets, colored chips, composts and crumb rubber products, look no further than our automatic packaging systems for your products! Let CREATIVE PACKAGING custom design an automatic form-fill-seal system, which afford some 12-20 bags/minute with little labor and reduced packaging costs - by far, the most cost-efficient, lowest maintenance, automatic packaging system for mulch available!

With these machines, we can also provide printed, poly film for optimum convertibility, along with either semi or fully-automatic palletizing (see below) and stretch wrapping for the finished pallet loads! (See links at the left)

If you're just starting to bag, and want either a low-budget, manual system; or a semi-automatic system (volumetric bagger with bag-top sealer) that can later be converted to fully automatic, we can also supply this.


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