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Compost Bagging Systems
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"Self-Contained, Portable" Bagging Systems for Recycled Compost, Crumb Rubber & Wood Chips

AUTOMATIC BAGGING SYSTEM: For Weighed Product (Compost, Stone Only):

Plant consist of two 40-foot trailers housing duplex electronic, net weigh bagging scales, equipped with dual belt feeders; horizontal form-fill-seal; product infeed and bagged product discharge conveyors; 5 H.P. 80 gallon air compressor, 20 KVA generator & diesel tanks. Entire system can be transported on 40-foot flatbed truck from site-to-site.

CAPACITY: 20+ 40-pound bags/minute

MANUAL BAGGING SYSTEM: Volumetric Bagged (Compost, Stone or Wood Chips and Mulch)

"MULTIBAGGER", with three bagging spouts, 2 cubic yard capacity, equipped with 11 H.P. OHV engine, transported in pick-up truck (click on link at left for photo of "MultiBagger") Great for start-up bagging operation when no bagging plant available. (*See photo below)

CAPACITY: 1,000 1-3 cubic-foot bags/hour

*Custom-designed, printed poly film and bags also available!

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Phone: 423-825-5311/ Fax: 423-825-5312
Lookout Mountain, TN, TN 37350
United States