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"HAYLAGE" - Compressed in Poly Bag!

"Haylage" is normally associated with hay stored in a tubular bag (such as pictured at right); however, now you can compress bale (at 3,000+ psi) respective hay products in a sealed poly bag (35-70 pounds, rectangular dimension).

Moisture and nutrient retention provide better food for livestock, and bagged product is easier to store and ship, AND affords higher $ return for your investment!

Our automatic baling system can produce up to 300 bales/hour via this unique, compression baling equipment. Automatic form-fill-seal packaging insures air-tight bale.

For increased shelf life and storage, Creative Packaging can also supply co-extruded (black inside/white outside) poly film for compression baling.

Creative Packaging Inc.

Lookout Mountain, TN 37350

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