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VIC Systems International
Manufacturer of Valve Packing Equipment
Poly Valve Bag Manufacturer
TMG Impianti
Palletizer Manufacturer
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Let Us Design a Valve Packing System For You

VIC SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL has been designing valve packaging systems for over 17 years, and CREATIVE PACKAGING INC has been supplying integrated packaging systems for over 20 years. Together, we bring you the BEST for your investment!

BASIC EQUIPMENT: VAP-100 Air Pressure Valve Packer - for wide range of products filled in multi-wall or poly valve bags (pictured at left)

VAP-200 Atmospheric Valve Packer - for powdery & fine granular materials

VSP-24 Screw Valve Packer - equipped with agitator in flow hopper above filling screw for non-free-flowing material

VSP-22 Screw Valve Packer - fluidizes material in flow hopper & up into the bin

VIP-20 Impeller Valve Packer - for lighter weight bulk density products

All models equipped with P.C. Digital Controller & 500-pound load cell

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Stainless steel construction Power bag discharge Multiple head construction (12-24 BPM) Automatic start switch Bulk & dribble filling speed Custom conveyors Operator seat A-50293 densifier

*Also automatic bag palletizing, such as low-level model shown below!

820 Scenic Highway, Suite 500
Phone: 423-825-5311; FAX: 423-825-5312
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350
United States