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Welcome to Creative Packaging Incorporated. We hope you will find some preliminary answers to some of your packaging needs, and afterwards, that you will contact us so we might discuss with you how we might assist you.

We bring you over 30 years packaging experience, which doesn't make us "experts", but does enable us to understand some of our clients' needs, and to recommend solutions to these respective packaging opportunities.

Creative Packaging Inc. is one of the very few companies in North America that provides both integrated packaging equipment, graphic design service, along with  printed poly films and bags to process on the equipment! This service insures a more consistent and reliable packaging system and less difficulty/time in resolving packaging problems.

Creative Packaging Inc. provides a variety of systems produced in the U.S., Canada and Europe to meet your every packaging requirement!


The above picture shows an electro-mechanical bag stacker (palletizer) that is often integrated with an automatic bagging system (such as photo at top right) to further minimize labor and reduce workmen's compensation claims. We can also supply robotic stackers, along with automatic stretch wrapping and stretch hooding systems as well.

Click on the "Bagging Systems" page (top right hand of this page) for more detailed information.


The above picture features a volumetric bagger over a vertical form-fill-seal and printed poly film, all supplied by Creative Packaging for an integrated packaging system.


The above photo shows a very popular, economical bagging system for relatively free-flowing products, such as soils, stone, sand, cat litter, fertilizers and wood pellets. This system occupies a small space in your plant and can be operated by one person.

I hope the information presented will "whet your appetite" for further details about Creative Packaging, and that you'll take the time to explore the remainding pages by clicking on the topics at the top right hand corner of the page.

May we hear from you also (on contact page)?