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Automatic Palletizing & Pallet Wrapping Systems

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Automatic Palletizing & Pallet Wrapping Systems
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Automatic Palletizing & Pallet Wrapping Systems for Cedar Mulch


Manual stacking of mulch bags, particularly 2-3 cubic-foot cedar mulch, can often lead to work-place injuries. Automatic palletizing, such as a low-level system, (photo left), can greatly reduce these problems and minimize workmen's compensation costs!


The pallet shuttle (photo right) automatically receives filled pallet loads from multiple palletizers and transports them to the stretch wrapper, thereby, relieving the fork lift operator of this duty.


Automatic stretch wrappers can be designed as overhead (left), or turntable, depending on the pallet load stability. The addition of an automatic, in-cycle, poly top sheet dispenser futher reduces need for operator attention.

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