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Ask us About Cedar Mulch Bagging Systems!

Product Description Page

Product Description Page
Automatic Palletizing & Pallet Wrapping Systems
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Cedar mulch, particularly red cedar, is a great decorative mulch with natural insect resistance, but due to its fibrous nature - especially when moist - it is one of the more difficult products to bag via automatic systems due to product "bridging" during the filling cycle.

No problem for the B&C Model CV-3080 or 3125 with unique, overhead "Dnstar" volumetric feeder!

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The B&C DNSTAR Model 2 or 3 (photo @ right) is what really makes this system work! This unique device receives product from the outside, bulk feeding supply and then via reverse - ocillating tines, "combs" the mulch to deliver a steady stream of product through the forming tube into formed bag below in the VFF&S. For more difficult-flowing products, like cedar mulch, DNSTAR 3, a double doser, is recommended.

The DNSTAR cycles can be adjusted for filling 10-100 liter bags accurately via a control device on the side of the machine, which is timed with the sequencing of film through the VFF&S.


B&C Model CV-3080  or CV-3125

The Model CV-3080 can be equipped with a bag-settling device, top & bottom gusset device, even a vertical compresion ram for more difficult products (see "Contact Page"), and unique poly film sealing, which is effected via a thermostatically-controlled, hydraulic impulse device with a complimentary refrigerating station and compressed air to cool the sealing jaws.
A motorized film unwinding device uniquely, automatically centers the film supply roll, and supplemental forming tubes are automatically indexed and locked into place when quick bag size change-overs are needed.

The system is operated via an easy-to-operate, color touch screen, Omron PLC with 44 different working programs and 16 alarms with fault-finding.

For additional information about an integrated bag palletizing and wrapping system to compliment the B&C VFF&S, click on the photo above. *Don't forget to "Contact Us" (top left corner)!