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!Travel Photos England -2

Italy, specifically Veneta, was the focus of Album No.1, where Album No. 2 takes you on a brief tour of England. Once again, record the photo names and numbers should you desire enlargements. The colors and contrast of the photos shown will be much improved in an actual enlargement. I guarantee it!

Traveling through England affords so many opportunities for scenic enjoyment, such as the historic halls of education at Cambridge and Oxford, the pastoral meadows and quaint neiborhoods of the Cotswolds, the rugged Southwest coast of Cornwall, the rolling hills of the northern Peak District and Yorkshire Dales,and many more.

Conspicuously absent from these photos are any scenes from London itself; who wants a picture of Buckingham Palace, or London Bridge, or Parliament on their living room walls? England, especially along the "B" roads - off the main thoroughfare - is where I've delighted, and I hope you will too! Perhaps these snapshots will afford you a "window" into historic England.

Continue your tour through the successive pages of this album, and don't forget to take a peak at the other albums already published, or soon to be available!

A tree in autumn; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Oxford Window, No.2